Wednesday, July 4, 2012

oh, you pretty things ii

1. Loving the Osaka Kimono dress from

2. I'm pretty sure this little beauty is going to be a major staple in my fall to decide on the coral or the black. Also from the cropped moto jacket

3. I can't wait to add these little cuties to my patio for a little ambiance lighting. Beneath the Stars Lanterns from Anthropologie

4. The louie fringe bootie is the perfect little ankle boot. also from

being cooped up in the house sick and without a car had given me lots of time to pursue one of my passions in life....internet shopping. as you can tell i'm majorly crushing on i'm pretty much in love with everything on their site. i'm missing you terribly though and all the shopping in the world won't help that.

also, tomorrow, come hell or high water i am going to take pictures tomorrow. i think it might make me feel better to have something to work on that doesn't take too much out of me.


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