Thursday, November 1, 2012

wish list:

another wishlist. all these items are from Romwe.

1. first on my list are these beautiful shoes. probably going to have to add these to my closet in the very near future. you find them here.

2. my sweater lust continues with this adorable kitty sweater. click

3. clearly i have thing for sweaters....this needs to be mine. click

4. i really love everything about this outfit and how the top pulls the whole thing together and adds a little contrast to the black.

5. these tights are too cute :3

7. i'm not sure i can really call this a wishlist item since i just ordered it, but oh well. click.

these are all of things i'm currently loving from romwe. check out their site right now for some awesome daily new items as well as a post halloween sale (not sure if you noticed the little banner thing on the side of the screen).



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