Thursday, December 20, 2012

free time

i'm very much looking forward to my time off from work. i have so many lovely photos planned and sketched up. also, i'm working on a few new ideas for blog posts outside the realm of my normal photo/story things. i'm going to try to tell a little more about some of my day to day stuff (if it gets boring, someone please let me know) and do a few more outfit posts since i'm coming up on the half way mark for my clean start project.

i'm finishing the last of my holiday shopping today, then making all of my baked items. :D i'll have pictures of all the gifts once they're wrapped and under the "tree". we're supposed to be in for some bad weather next week and i'm hoping that i don't get stuck at our weekend house for too long :P

looking forward to tonight dear.



*photo is from the free people blog

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