Monday, March 25, 2013

sleeping beauty

i'm jealous of the moon
because she knows all of your 5am secrets

and your sheets who get to touch
every part of you as you fall asleep
while i keep a close eye on this empty pillow
waiting for your weight to keep it warm

but the sun,
he is luckiest of all.

when you're half asleep, groggy
and painfully unaware of how beautiful you look
he kisses your lips with light.



*these aren't my words, but they remind me of you for some reason.

*listen to what i'm listening to here (definitely reliving middle school with this one)

*i meant to have something a little more exciting for today, but i was so tired last night when i got home i only wanted to lay in bed. last night was my sister's birthday party (round 2 of 3). her birthday is like a week long celebration. we ended up at a german restaurant, which had some amazing beer that i was more than happy to sample. the food was amazing, but it was so heavy that, combined with the beer, was like an instant nap.

*i'll have more new stuff tomorrow. also, i'm pretty sad that i missed the new episode of walking dead, but hopefully my dvr didn't fail me and i can watch it later this week.


  1. you got such beautiful tits, but you are drowning in self pity...
    That terrible!

    1. Everyone pities themselves sometimes, but I would hardly say I'm drowning in it.