Wednesday, April 24, 2013


as much as i hated my news photography class, i've always had a fascination with the process of capturing beautiful news images. i always wondered if the subjects of these pictures knew that they would one day famous.

okay, so this is the daily fun with photoshop....i was really bored last night.

in other news, my laptop is on its last leg. it never wants to start up anymore so now i suppose it's time to invest in a newer one that will be obsolete in a matter of months.

i'm working on a couple new things as well as preparing for my last semester of school. i'm excited to be out of school. it feels like i've in college forever (6.5 years!), but the change of pace will be nice. it will also be nice not to have to worry about homework and assignments. i'll have more time to work on stuff that i want to work on.



*listen to what i'm listening to here


  1. i wonder what intersts u about india. read you on Stephnie's blog.

    1. i'm interested mainly in the culture since it differs significantly to any that i've been exposed to. also, when i was a sophomore i had a professor that visited india every year and he said it was one place that everyone should visit (referring to people that are photographers) so i would really like to go there to take pictures.