Wednesday, May 29, 2013


there is something that lives in all of us... dwells just below the surface of our carefully maintained facades...

....the animals that we really are....

....that we keep hidden from view.



*i'm back from my holiday. it was very relaxing and i finally got to catch up on my sleep. in other news, i have some new shoots planned and should have them up this week and weekend. also, if anyone knows how to make good zombie bites i'd be very interested in learning as i have some ideas for pictures that are going to require some gaping flesh wounds (i can't type "flesh wounds" without thinking of monty python and the holy grail....anyone follow me on that?)

*i got this mask in the mail the other day and i must say it's definitely on my new favorite just goes with everything. ok, maybe not everything, but it's pretty fun for pictures and such.

*i'll have a more dedicated outfit post about what i'm wearing tomorrow

*listen to what i'm listening to here

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