Sunday, May 19, 2013

i confess

when i was about 4 i was pretty convinced that fairy princess was a viable career option. that all changed when i was 5 and saw robin hood (the disney one with the anthropomorphized foxes). at that point i decided i wanted to be robin hood, so my dad bought me my first bow and arrow and set up targets in our backyard. i thought this was pretty awesome (let's be honest, what 5 year wouldn't love this) and thus began my fascination with archery. i still shoot occasionally when i visit my parents and when i was in middle school and high school i used to compete in target shooting competitions. however, i didn't end getting to be a fairy princess or robin hood, but i guess that's okay.



*ok, that was my cute little story of the day and round two of the my confessions series. hope you enjoyed it and happy sunday. now, i'm off to brunch to drink more mimosas than should be allowed :D

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