Friday, May 17, 2013

tooth fairy

it is said that when a child loses a tooth the tooth fairy leaves a gold coin under their pillow.

but remember children....

...when the tooth fairy comes,....

...don't peek.



*listen to what i'm listening to here

*so, i thought tooth fairy pictures would be kind of fun. speaking of tooth fairies....does anyone remember that campy horror movie from 2003 about the tooth fairy, darkness falls? it was pretty bad, but had some rather comical parts. anyways, i kind of borrowed some of the words for this post.

*in other news, i'm working on some new "what i wore" posts as well as some more daily activity posts (mainly because i've taken up late night baking and figured i might as well share some pictures of that stuff). more new stuff tomorrow :D

*my night dress is from anthropologie forever ago
*my hair is from abhair

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