Friday, June 21, 2013


i must be a mermaid

i have no fear of depths

& a great fear of shallow living.



*quote by anais nin.

*happy summer solstice everyone! i'm looking forward to the weekend and the relaxation. i still have lots of new pictures i want to share (and will hopefully do so this weekend), but for now i figured i'd share some "mermaid" pictures. i really like this quote and wanted to do something based around it. also, when i was little my sister and i would pretend we were mermaids in the pool in our yard. since then, mermaids have always reminded me of summer.

*i haven't done a "listen to what i'm listening to" in a little bit since i haven't really listened to anything new that was good enough to share. i hope to find some better stuff this weekend.....maybe.

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