Tuesday, July 16, 2013

cling to me

at night, when all of the memories come flooding back and cling to you for dear life....that's where i'll wait for you.



* so it rained (and is still raining), which means that my underwater photos are delayed until the water warms back up. in the meantime i have other things to share. i made this one out of boredom while watching endless episodes of seinfeld (you're killing independent george!). i'm also working on redecorating one of the rooms in my apartment to include a small studio space, so possibly no more bedroom pictures. also, i've moved back into taking pictures based on dreams since i've been sleeping more

*a george divided against itself cannot stand ok, i suppose i should admit, i love seinfeld. i've been watching it with my parents since i was 2. it's probably the only thing i'm a "fangirl" of (did i use that in the right context?)

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