Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 5

This week I decided to try going a week without makeup. Typically I cringe at the thought of leaving the house without makeup, but I had read about how giving your skin a little break every now and then can help with blemishes and such. We'll call it a skin detox. It's meant to help restore the natural balance of oils in the skin as well as letting your pores breathe. 
The first couple of days I felt very, very, very self conscious, but I stuck with it and relied heavily on the fact that my glasses cover a good portion of my face. Now that it's day 5, I've come to enjoy the extra fifteen minutes I have in the morning due to skipping my makeup routine. My face also feels much fresher and doesn't get super oily around mid day. Also, since it's been super humid lately I don't have to worry about having raccoon eyes from stray mascara particles. 
Since I'm still a little under the weather I'll probably be doing a few posts about the type of makeup I've been using along with a few of my other favorite skin care products. 

*super flattering cellphone picture, right? 

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