Friday, October 4, 2013

it'll end in tears

ok, so i'm back from my hiatus. i've got some stuff planned for tonight and budget allowing, i'll have it posted tomorrow mid-morning. i'm actually really relieved to start shooting again. i felt like i was missing something in my daily routine.

in other news, the annual regatta is this week and i'm hoping to make it out this evening to see some of the boats. we're expecting lots of rain so this may hinder my plans.

in other, other news, i found a series of letters that i wrote to people for a photo project a long time ago. i'm thinking i'll revisit this idea and will be posting pictures of the letters (names blacked out of course).

i hope everyone has a great weekend and i can't wait to share my new stuff with you.

also, here's an excited kitty:



listen to what i'm listening to here

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