Thursday, February 13, 2014

an inconvenient happening

i got home last night after too much wine and jumped right in to taking pictures to have edited and posted by friday. it was only after i had covered my hands in fake blood that i realized the water in my apartment complex had been shut off due to construction. i kept shooting and decided to deal with it after i had taken the pictures i wanted. my initial plan was to wash my hands, face and chest with bottled water, but sadly didn't have any bottles. walking into a convenience store at 10pm covered in blood on any night that is not halloween apparently raises alarm amongst the villagers.

i still was without water this morning when i woke up and if things haven't changed by the time i get off work pictures will be on hold until i can take a proper shower or at least until i can find some other means of water. this is proving to be more like camping than i am comfortable with so i might be seeking out a hotel tonight.



*a little precursor photo for tomorrows day of love and hearts.

*listen to what i'm listening to here

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