Monday, March 17, 2014

currently playing

i've been updating my ipod all weekend with all of the download codes that came with the new records i bought.

one of my favorite albums that i've been listening to non-stop is too true by the dum dum girls. their music reminds me of stuff i used to listen to in grade school, but better.

one of my other current favorites that i bought this weekend is chelsea wolfe's unknown rooms album.

i'm currently waiting on some new stuff from chelsea wolfe that i ordered from hello merch a few weeks ago. i can't wait to see the short film that she did the music for. i'll have a post about it as soon as i get it.

and the last thing that i got (that came with a digital copy anyway) is the new warpaint album. i've been in love with warpaint since i saw them in concert a few years ago. this track is off of their new album.

i hope you all enjoy the music. also, my boyfriend has several new posts that will be up this week on his music blog. click the cassette club button on the side to check it out.



*in other news, i have some new photos planned for early this week as well as a couple of "home life" posts about other goings ons. i've been toying with the idea of starting to do some new outfit posts once the weather gets a little warmer as well as some crafty DIY type posts.

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