Thursday, January 22, 2015

Minimalism challenge days 7 & 8

Day 7 of my minimalism challenge was to streamline my reading list. This was hard because I'm one of those people that has multiple books going at one time. I decided to focus on one book and evaluate my other choices. What it came down to was setting aside Hollow City, the sequel in a series that I had started, and focusing on finishing Eyeless in Gaza, which I'm really enjoying. After that I've got three more books on my list: Eye of the World, The Gold Finch and a book that my boyfriend got me for Christmas (with a french title that's hard to spell). I think focusing on one book will allow me to slow down and enjoy reading each piece. 

Day 8 of the challenge was to learn to enjoy solitude. There wasn't much learning here as I crave alone time. I love having a day to myself where I can relax and work on my photography and crafts. I especially enjoy cooking for myself. It lets me try new recipes and slow down and enjoy the cooking process. 

I'll have another post later today about day 9's challenge. 


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