Monday, December 23, 2013

A festivus for the rest of us

Happy Festivus for all of my Seinfeld buddies! As you all know, Festivus begins at sundown with the airing of grievances so get your lists ready. 

In other news, the concert I went to Saturday was great. I didn't get any pictures since cameras and phones use was strictly prohibited. Mark Kozelek was fantastic and the opener, bela tar, was really good too. We got back home around 4am and only encountered a little bit of ice on the roads. Overall it was a good trip. 
On Sunday, I had pre-Christmas with my dad's family. It was nice getting to see everyone while they're in town. Unfortunately, my schedule has not left me with a lot of free time for pictures. I'm planning on doing a few things tonight after wrapping my last minute gifts. 


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