Monday, February 24, 2014

Birthday parties and kitty snuggles

I've been taking it easy for a few days and have enjoyed every minute of it. 
On Wednesday I went to my grandmother's as usual and she and I had a small birthday party. 
It was a lovely little party with good food, good company and a warm fire in the fireplace. 
On Thursday, my boyfriend took me to the record store for some new records. We spent the evening snuggling on the couch, listening to music and eating Chinese food. 
My parents had a little party for me at their house on Saturday. It was fun getting to see everyone. My nephew was especially excited about helping blow out candles and open presents. 
After almost a week of beautiful weather it's turned cold again. This means that there will be lots of couch snuggles with the kitty and warm beverages. 
Hugo always wants to snuggle until it's actually happening, but Jeff insisted. 

I'm so glad I got to spend my birthday with my favorite people. I'm looking forward to being one year older and can't wait to see what this year has in store for me. 


Monday, February 17, 2014

Fried provolone sandwiches, kitties, and whiskey

I didn't have much opportunity to take any new pictures this weekend, but I wish I had at least snapped a few phone pictures of the weekend happenings. 
Since my boyfriend and I decided to avoid valentines like it was a flesh eating virus I spent Friday night hanging out on the patio with my friend. The weather was nice enough to be outside finally and we soaked it in while sipping on Jameson and coke. It was nice just to sit and talk and smoke a few cigarettes without the pressure of trying to deal with the date night crowd. 
Saturday, my boyfriend came over and we spent the afternoon picking up groceries and planning some meals. He made me a fried provolone, tomato and lettuce sandwich (hello vegetarian BLT!) which was amazing. We spent most of the afternoon being lazy then went to his friend's house that evening for drinks. 
Sunday was spent with more tv watching and couch snuggling. We made pasta and brownies and watched Big Bang theory and best in show until we fell asleep. 
Overall, it was a great weekend. This week is my birthday so I have lots of prepping for meals and pictures. I'm having a family gathering at my mom's house and then I'll be spending time with friends. I'm hoping to squeeze some photos into the schedule at some point along with helping plan my nephew's birthday party. 


Friday, February 14, 2014

happy valentines day

i wanted to give you my heart

but it was far too weak and in need of repair



*happy valentine's day! let someone know that they are loved. i'm planning on a lovely evening at home and avoiding the dinner/movie date crowd.

*i'm pretty happy with how these turned out. i still have one more heart to play with (2 for $2 is quite a deal) so i'll probably have some new pictures up soon.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


i've added a mailing address in my contacts section.



an inconvenient happening

i got home last night after too much wine and jumped right in to taking pictures to have edited and posted by friday. it was only after i had covered my hands in fake blood that i realized the water in my apartment complex had been shut off due to construction. i kept shooting and decided to deal with it after i had taken the pictures i wanted. my initial plan was to wash my hands, face and chest with bottled water, but sadly didn't have any bottles. walking into a convenience store at 10pm covered in blood on any night that is not halloween apparently raises alarm amongst the villagers.

i still was without water this morning when i woke up and if things haven't changed by the time i get off work pictures will be on hold until i can take a proper shower or at least until i can find some other means of water. this is proving to be more like camping than i am comfortable with so i might be seeking out a hotel tonight.



*a little precursor photo for tomorrows day of love and hearts.

*listen to what i'm listening to here

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

birthday wishes

it had totally slipped my mind that my birthday is in a week until my boyfriend asked if there was anything special i wanted or wanted to do. my mother has also started asking about birthday wishes as well (it seems my sister is the only one that just wings it on birthday presents, which i love). so after having given it no thought, i decided to think about it for a bit and make a little wish list (hint, hint mom and jeff).

this dress from free people is top of my list. i love all the little details and the light summery material.

this book by aldous huxley, who is one of my favorite authors.

this pocket knife from iron and resin.

these are just a few things i could think of off the top of my head that i wanted, but haven't bought for myself. i'm sure there are things i need (like an oil change for the car or some storage containers) that just aren't as fun.

it's finally starting to warm up a little bit here and they're promising upper 50s and 60s for the end of the week, which i can't wait for. i'm very tired of having to layer up everyday for work (plus it makes the laundry pile up twice as fast). i'm also finishing up taking and editing some new pictures now that i am free of distractions. i'm trying to plan some sort of valentines day photo, but only a few things have come to mind and we'll see if it work out.

have a happy wednesday everyone!



Saturday, February 8, 2014

Online garage sale

So here's the first round of stuff that I'm selling. 
Off the shoulder body con dress from urban outfitters. Size: medium Brand: sparkle & fade. Never worn. $10 plus 5$ shipping. 

School girl dress with pockets and button down back. Size: small-medium Brand: hand made by me. Worn once for Halloween. $10 plus $5 shipping. 

Black formal dress with underwire bodice. Size: medium Brand: lip service. Worn once for pictures. Fully lined. $12 plus $5 shipping. 

Kimono style maxi dress for summer. Size: small Brand: tulle Worn twice. Fully lined. $12 plus $5 shipping. 

Green faux leather shoulder bag. 12" wide x 10" tall. Exterior pocket and interior zipper pocket. Metal snap closure. $10 plus $5 shipping. 

Double sided red leather hand bag. 10" wide x 7" tall. Metal snap closures on both sides. $10 plus $5 shipping. 

Light green leather hand bag. 9" wide x 7" tall x 3" deep. 3 small interior pockets. $10 plus $5 shipping. 

Small leather box purse with interior mirror. Makes a perfect small travel makeup bag. 7 1/2" wide x 5" tall x 4" wide. $10 plus $5 shipping. 

Set of two, magic books. $7 plus $4 shipping. 

Set of 3 harlequin romance novels. Reissues of 1950s books. $10 plus $5 shipping. 

All the items listed are either new or in like new condition. The purses show very little wear as they were only carried a couple of times or purchased as props for a class assignment. 
If you're interested in any of the items or have questions please email me at 


show photos

as i mentioned last week, my boyfriend and i went to dallas to see skinny puppy play. i got an email today with some photos from the show. since the one i posted earlier didn't look so great i figured i would share these with you.

these are just a few of my favorites. you can check out the whole collection on the granada theater's website.



*ok, short post today. i'm busy working on getting the final clutter cleaned out of my apartment. yay!

Friday, February 7, 2014

new side bar link

i added a link to my boyfriend's blog, the cassette club on the sidebar. he writes about music and posts music videos. go check it out.



*in other news, i'm shooting new stuff tonight and also am almost finished with taking pictures of the stuff i'm wanting to sell. i should have the pictures up later this evening.

things from the unknown

i meet things which do not belong in this world....

...mirror images from the unknown.



*i've been playing around a lot with using double images of myself. so far, i am liking the results.

*i should have some new stuff up tomorrow along with the first few items that are for sale.

*my dress is from free people

*my hair is from abhair

Thursday, February 6, 2014

they say

they say you die twice.

one time when you stop breathing, and a second time, a bit later on, when someone says your name for the last time.



*another really cold day....i'm beginning to get a little tired of it. i have been taking pictures of stuff to sell (finally) and should have them posted some time friday night or saturday. i've also almost completed my redecorating of my spare room to include a small (extremely small) studio space. i'm planning on doing a little apartment tour in the upcoming week to show you around since things have changed since i first moved in.

*in other news, valentine's day is fast approaching. does anyone have any special plans with special someones? i plan on avoiding the dining out/movie crowd myself and am opting for some at home time with a nice bottle of wine (or 2).

*my dress is from free people

*my hair is from abhair

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

new glasses

i got my new glasses in the mail yesterday! i'm so excited to have new frames since it's been about 4 years since my last new pair. i went with a colored frame this time, which i was a little skeptical about at first, but when i saw them in person i absolutely loved them.

i order from warby parker. you can check out their site here. the frame i picked is called Watts and it came in the blue that i got and a lovely tortoise shell. i love their selection for men and women and can't wait to order a pair of sunnies for summer. one of the great things about warby parker is the price. each pair of glasses is about $100 and that includes a high grade poly carbonate lenses with an anti-glare coating and scratch protection (if you wear glasses you probably know that the lenses alone usually cost about $300.00). i also really like that for every pair they sell they donate a pair of glasses to someone in need.

i hope everyone has a great wednesday and can stay warm in these chilly temperatures (we're at 9 degree F today).



*i'll have more new stuff tomorrow. thanks to this cold weather, i've been trapped inside with not a lot to do.

*my socks (which are super warm) are from sock dreams