Monday, February 17, 2014

Fried provolone sandwiches, kitties, and whiskey

I didn't have much opportunity to take any new pictures this weekend, but I wish I had at least snapped a few phone pictures of the weekend happenings. 
Since my boyfriend and I decided to avoid valentines like it was a flesh eating virus I spent Friday night hanging out on the patio with my friend. The weather was nice enough to be outside finally and we soaked it in while sipping on Jameson and coke. It was nice just to sit and talk and smoke a few cigarettes without the pressure of trying to deal with the date night crowd. 
Saturday, my boyfriend came over and we spent the afternoon picking up groceries and planning some meals. He made me a fried provolone, tomato and lettuce sandwich (hello vegetarian BLT!) which was amazing. We spent most of the afternoon being lazy then went to his friend's house that evening for drinks. 
Sunday was spent with more tv watching and couch snuggling. We made pasta and brownies and watched Big Bang theory and best in show until we fell asleep. 
Overall, it was a great weekend. This week is my birthday so I have lots of prepping for meals and pictures. I'm having a family gathering at my mom's house and then I'll be spending time with friends. I'm hoping to squeeze some photos into the schedule at some point along with helping plan my nephew's birthday party. 


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