my name is alexandra, sasha for short. i'm shy, but i'm working on getting over it

why a blog?

i started this blog because i've always been a little shy about showing my photography to others, be it in class or to friends. i thought if i could post here and total strangers would be able to see my work i might get over my fear presenting to my peers.

the second reason i started this blog is to build up my self confidence in my personal appearance. i'm in a constant battle with myself over weight and body image so getting in front of the camera helps me better understand how my body really looks, not how i'm imagining it.

what's here

i chose to keep this blog primarily photography oriented. however, i really like sharing with you some of my favorite music, fashions, movies, and other artists that i enjoy.



  1. you are wonderful, thank you for sharing your words and your beauty. your images inspire.