Friday, March 29, 2013

clean start complete

in october of 2012 i took part in the clean start project that was put together by blue7 (my favorite local shop). the challenge was to buy and wear a pair of raw denim jeans for 6 months. sounds easy enough, right? the catch was you had to wear your jeans at least 6 days a week and not wash them. the germaphobe in me cringed and the thought of not being able to wash my pants (especially if i was wearing them everyday), but after the first month it became part of my morning routine. i really enjoyed getting to put together outfits based around my jeans and watching as the jeans changed and faded with wear.
i chose nudie jeans in a skinny cut since i had worn them before and kind of knew what to expect as far as wear went.

this is my month 0 picture. brand new jeans!

at month 2 i was starting to see some little crease lines forming on the backs of the knees and fading on the front of the jeans.

by month 4 a belt was a mandatory part of my outfit since my jeans had stretched out to the point of being super saggy.

yesterday i took my month 6 pictures and turned in my jeans to be washed for the first time. in april blue7 is having an art show with everyone's jeans on display. i can't wait to see what my jeans turned into after being washed.

if you want to check out the rest of the group of participants their photos are on blue 7's blog

i'll definitely be participating in clean start again next year.



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