Monday, August 19, 2013

in the land of dreams

last night i dreamed that we met again.

we were waiting for the train and you walked up to me. I didn't recognize you at first, but your memory came flooding back when you started speaking.

i told you i was waiting for someone, but i wasn't sure who.

when we parted, both of us wanted to ask the other to go with them, but neither of us said anything.

i found my seat, still unsure of my traveling companion as they had yet to make themselves known. soon you took the seat next to me.

you were the one i was waiting for all along, and i was the one you were traveling to see.

this is what fate is.....but this is just a dream

and i have to wake up.



*my dream from last night was still so vivid when i woke up that i had to write it down before i forgot. i hadn't dreamed about you in a very long time and i'm still confused as to why i did.

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