Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Q&A part 2

Q: what are some of the blogs you like to read?
A: i really enjoy reading the free people blog( here) and the nasty gal blog ( here) for fashion and music reasons. they both have a lovely blend of fashion and life posts. i also really like reading the kitchn (here )since i love cooking.

Q: why do you always shoot in your bedroom?
A: since most of my photos are about dreams i figured that my bedroom would be a nice setting since that's where i sleep and dream the most. also, since my photos are usually about dreams that's why i often wear my sleep clothes. it kind of ties the two worlds together.

Q: where do you shop?
A: i'm assuming that this one was about clothes. my favorite places to buy clothes from are nasty gal , freepeople and romwe. i also really love thrift shopping.

Q: does someone take your pictures for you?
A: nope, i use a timer and a remote control trigger. it's sometimes easier to have someone helping to double check the focus for pictures with harder poses, like levitations, but i usually work alone. it makes me incredibly nervous to work with other people.

Q: what do you like to do for fun?
A: i really enjoy reading, both books and magazines. i also really like to play video games. also, i take pictures just for fun. i've never really thought of photography as work (except maybe while i was in school). it's always been something i do because it's fun.

i hope i was able to answer more of your questions. i love when people on deviant art ask me questions that pertain to things outside the realm of art and photography.



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