Sunday, February 17, 2013

Small update

Just a little update on stuff. I was planning on having a real post for today, but the cafe I go to was over crowded and I couldn't get a table so I'm writing from my phone.
I had a lovely, relaxing weekend despite having a cold Thursday and Friday. I got to catch up with my lovely friend over tea. Then I got my cozy chair back from being reupholstered.
I've also been working very hard on cleaning out my closets (yes, plural. I have way too much stuff). I think I'm almost down to a wearable amount of clothing and shoes. I took 8 big bags to sell and ended up getting about 200$ for 3 bags. The rest I'm taking to a different shop and the remainders I'm donating. As this was part of my New Years resolution I feel like I'm actually accomplishing things.
Today I spent the afternoon with my mom, which was nice. We went to a couple thrift stores and I found two dresses that will be beautiful for new pictures I'm planning.
This week I hope to have lots of new dreams to show you along with some of my favorite parts of my apartment, another Q&A and maybe an outfit post.


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