Tuesday, February 12, 2013

story's end

sometimes you don't want to know the end of a story...

...because how could the end be happy?


*listen to what i'm listening to here

*i'm fighting sleep as the nightmares won't let me rest peacefully. every time i close my eyes i feel like i'm being sucked into the darkness. it's in these dark dreams that you dwell....waiting for me.

*in other news, i had my first ever skype experience and i can say that i really don't like it. i think it's creepy and unsettling. that being said, i will continue to use it for class, but nothing else.
also, i'm working on finding some human teeth for my next project. if anyone knows where i can get some on the cheap please let me know.

*my skirt is bb dakota and my top is free people

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