Saturday, January 5, 2013

be brave

when i first started this blog i had one goal in mind- to be brave about showing my photos to others. i had been shooting and only sharing my photos when it was required for class. since i've been keeping up with this blog i've watched my style change from one of primarily nude self portraits into a world of dreamy atmospheres. i really hope that i can continue to grow and develop my current style of shooting. i've really enjoyed being able to share my work and have built up my confidence enough that i even feel comfortable sharing my work with my friends and family.

this year i hope to continue being brave and taking lots of pictures. i really want to try shooting outdoors or in public (shooting in public makes me so nervous because i feel like everyone is always staring at me).

thank you to everyone who reads my blog and to everyone for supporting me on my creative endeavors. it means a lot to me.



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