Thursday, January 3, 2013

new year, new resolutions

so this year i told myself i wouldn't make any new year's resolutions since i rarely keep them. however, i think i've come up with a few that i can keep as well as would actually be beneficial for me. so here it goes:

1. i will not impulsively buy clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, housewares unless it is something that i really need and not just something i want (or my other arch nemesis, buying things because they were on sale).

2. i will purge my closet of all unwanted items and donate/sell them. my goal is to have a cohesive wardrobe with pieces that i wear 90-100% of the time, not a wardrobe of random stuff that i wear 15-20% of the time. (the same goes for handbags and shoes)

3. i will maintain a healthy body weight. this is something i've been struggling with over the past 8 years and while i try to eat healthy and exercise regularly i still find myself being too weight conscious. not this year! my goal is to maintain a weight between 105-110.

4. i will take pictures at least 5 times a week. i've been working on shooting more frequently, but some days it seems more like work than fun. i've already come up with several new ideas for photos, so this is a resolution i'm actually excited about.

5. this one's kind of stupid, but i want to be single for at least one semester. i've been in relationships since i was in high school and i think it's time for me to enjoy being alone and enjoy getting to focus on time with friends and family rather than planning dates.

6. and finally, i will make time just for me and be honest with people when i feel like they're suffocating me. i often get roped into doing things i'm not fond of or having long painful conversations with people just because i won't speak up. this year i'm going to be more assertive and if i'm invited to do something i don't want to do i will politely decline rather than faking an illness.

i know that my resolutions seem a little self centered and that i mentioned nothing about helping others or giving back to the community, but honestly, this year is about making me the person i want to be and i really feel like there will acts that benefit others rolled into the mix.

sorry for the very wordy post, but i wrote this so i would have a little reminder to look back on when i forget myself this year. also, yesterday was my first day back at work and it really took it out of me so i didn't feel much like shooting yesterday. i will however be working on new stuff tonight and tomorrow since my plans have changed. i expected to be out of town this week, but due to a worsening illness my business trip has been postponed until next week.



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