Thursday, January 24, 2013


i wanted to answer some of the questions that i get a lot on my deviantart account. it seemed a little easier to answer them here all at once than trying to answer them individually.

Q: why don't you shoot nudes anymore?/will you shoot nudes again?
A: well, pretty much the reason that i don't shoot nudes anymore is because i was getting bored of it. i wanted to be able to expand my portfolio into other styles and to try something different. i don't have any plans on shooting nudes again, however, a lot of the photos that i've been shooting i usually will model topless although nothing is really seen.

Q: where do you come up with the "fairy tales"?
A:the fairy tales usually come from dreams or thoughts right before sleep. sometimes i base them around interactions with certain people and how those interactions make me feel. i like the idea of fairy tales that don't end in happily ever after.

Q: how do you make the levitation pictures?
A: to make the levitation pictures i shoot just a background picture with no models in it. next, with the camera in the same position and with the same exposure settings, i shoot one with the model and the object they're balancing on. in photoshop i layer the second picture over the first picture and add a layer mask. then i paint over the item that the model is laying on to remove it. i feather the edges around where i painted so that they blend, then i use the burn tool to add a little bit of a shadow under the model. there's lots of lovely tutorials on youtube that explain the process a little better with step-by-step instructions.

Q: do you have facebook/skype/msn messanger?
A: while i do have a skype and facebook i don't ever use them. i have skype for my online classes and that's all i ever use it for. i like to keep my facebook fairly private and don't accept friend requests from people i've never met in person, i use it mainly to keep up with my family members and very close friends. however, i always respond to notes on my deviantart or emails.

Q: what type of camera/equipment do you use?
A: this one is a little embarrassing since i don't use any sort of professional equipment. i shoot with a nikon d8000. the lighting that i use on all of my pictures is either natural light or whatever lamps i have available. i particularly like using the light cords that most people use for hanging paper lantern lights. they're super cheap and you can easily change the wattage and colour of the light bulbs. plus since they only consist of a socket and a plug with about 6' of cord they're very easy to move and position and take places. right now, the setup that i use is a light cord suspended from the ceiling, with a 60 watt soft white bulb with a white paper lantern shade over it. the shade diffuses the light enough for most projects, but sometimes if i want it softer i will put a piece of white fabric over it.

Q: do you have a boyfriend?
A: i'm not sure why, but this is a very frequent question. no, i don't currently have a boyfriend.

Q: do you model for other photographers?
A: i have never modeled for anyone aside from one friend. i'm never quite sure how i feel about working with other people since i really like being in control of everything that goes on during shooting. i like being able to set up the shot, pose, look at what i just shot and make adjustments. however, i recently responded to an email from a local artist who was looking for models and people to collaborate with. i figure that it will be a good experience and i always feel like i learn something from working with other people.

Q: do you take commissions?
A: no. i don't like taking commissions because i feel like i never get them completed soon enough and if i'm shooting something very specific for someone else, i feel like i'm missing out on shooting something that i want to shoot.

sorry this was so wordy, but it kind of needed to be :3 i hope that i was able to answer the questions clearly and that now you know a little bit more about me and my shooting style. if you have any other questions please, please, please don't hesitate to ask. i love getting emails and comments from you guys.

i'm working on some new stuff tonight, as well as trying to catch up on my school work.



*this is the last of the cloud pictures for now, i promise.

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