Friday, January 11, 2013

what it is that defines us

she sat wrapped in white sheets

and appeared to be an ethereal being.

was this the self image she wanted to identify herself with?

would she remain in this fragile, ghost-like form forever?

but she wanted to change....



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*i've been working on maintaining a healthy life style and not letting myself fall back into my old habits. last night's dream was very strange for me since it was something that i had been very concerned with when i chose to leave my eating disorder behind. being this way was how i identified myself and it felt like to change my habits would mean that i would be losing the identity that i had and having to try to create a new one. in the dream, it felt like i was an ethereal being that floated along in the real world and no one ever saw me, except for quick glimpses. in order to be able to be seen in the real world i had to create this new identity that would form a tangible person. it was a struggle and when i woke up from the dream i felt so exhausted as if i had been exercising instead of sleeping. it was a very interesting dream and very unlike the others i usually have.

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